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Friday and Saturday Racing
8/22/14       8/23/14

Non-Wing - Tristan Gaurdino  - Lemoore and Plaza
Restrcited - Jake Andreotti - Plaza
Super 600 - Shawn Conde - Stockton
 Restricted - Matt Moore - Midwest
Congratulations pace drivers and Matt moore for his 15th career win!
Lemoore Raceway

Cody Smothermon Non-wing
Congratulations Cody!



Joey Ancona 5/8 Rest.
Nikko Panella 3/4 Rest.
Austin Stone Non-wing.
Travis Labat Super 600.
Congratulations Pace drivers!

Lemoore Raceway


Super 600/Tucker Worth
Restricted 600/Jake Andreotti

Plaza Park 7/25/14

Super 600 win #1 
Kaleb Montgomery
Non Wing
Tristan Guardino
Garth Kasiner

Nathan Benson Wins Powri!

Success in Stockton!

Great Night of racing in stockton! Garth Kasiner won in Jr. Sprint. Alex Penella Won in Super 600. Anthony Guaimano won in 5/8 Restricted!
Good job Pace Drivers!

Double Header Success!

Great two nights of racing at lemoore and plaza! Tristan Guardino and Jake Andreotti picked up the win saturday night in restricted and non-wing! They both did a great job to get the win! Good job!

Pace Chassis Sweeps all classes in Stockton!

Austin Stone picks up the win in Non-wing and Super 600's. He started out in 1st and held his spot the whole race. In super 600 he lapped up to 4th place, and had atleast a half a lap on the 2nd place racer. In non-wing he did a great job of getting threw traffic and staying out of the wrecks the whole night!

Great Job Austin!!





Winners 8/22/14 and 8/23/14

Tristan Gaurdino Non-wing 600/Lemoore and Plaza
Jake Andreotti Rest. 600/Plaza
Shawn Conde Super 600/Stockton
Matt Moore Rest. 600/Midwest

Winners 8/9/14

Cody Smothermon Non-wing 600/Lemoore

Winners 8/2/14

Joey Ancona 5/8 Rest. 600/Stockton
Nikko Panella Rest. 600/Stockton
Austin Stone Non-Wing 600/Stockton
Travis Labat Super 600/Stockton

Winners 7/26/14

Tucker Worth Super 600/lemoore
Jake Andreotti Rest. 600/Lemoore
Jacob Johnson 600/ El Paso NM
Riley Matson 600/Dixon Speedway
Miles Paulus Stock 600/Sweet Springs
Nick Schaefer 600/Sweet Springs

Winners 7/25/14

Kaleb Montgomery       Super 600/Plaza Park
Tristan Guardino              Non wing/Plaza Park
Garth Kasiner                   Jr Sprint /Plaza park

Winners of 7/18/14 and 7/19/14

Nathan Benson 600/Powri
Alex Panella  Multi  /Stockton
Anthony Guaimino 5/8 Res. /Stockton
Garth Kasiner Jr. Sprint /Stockton

7/18 Matt Moore 3/4 Res./NOW 600s
7/19 Matt Moore 3/4 Res./ I-44 Speedway

Winners of 7/11/14 and 7/12/14 Plaza and Lemoore

Jake Adreotti Restricted

Tristan Guardino Non-wing

Winners of 6/28/14 Stockton

Travis Labat Super 600

Winner's of 6/14/14 Stockton

Garth Kasiner  Jr. Sprint

Colton Huelsmann  5/8 Restricted

Jake Andreotti    Restricted 

Austin Stone   Non-wing

Austin Stone   Super 600 Winged